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Arie Kuit

Arie Kuit studied Saxophone at the Rotterdams Conservatorium in the Netherlands. His teachers were Ferdinand Povel and Leo van Oostrom. He was influenced by Paul Desmond, Charlie Parker, Cannonball Adderley and David Sanborn. His nickmame was “the Charlie Parker of Rotterdam”. After touring five years with “The Glenn Miller Orchestra”as the lead-altoplayer, he played in numerous bands in Holland.
At this moment Arie is the arranger, bandleader and altoplayer of his band “The Skyline Orchestra”.

The Missing Link
About The Missing Link, as a saxophone teacher I noticed that most of my students could already play fine improvisations on a song in just one key. Normally they would use one single Pentatonic scale or a Blues scale.
However, being able to play over the changes proved to be something quite different. And much more difficult, as you need to know all the chords and their corresponding scales... .
I noticed that my students were able to play and remember the pentatonic scales much quicker, so I thought to integrate these with chords. Hence the birth of “The Missing Link”.

In this iBook you will learn how to combine chords and Pentatonic scales in an easy way. Also you will learn how to give a chord a different “sound color” by using an alternative Pentatonic scale.
Play, study and - most importantly - have FUN with it!

Available for:

Alto- & Baritone Saxophone:

Soprano- & Tenor Saxophone: